Viper 5704V General Characteristics

Type: 2-foreign security system with autostart function, Responder LC3, SST
The manufacturer: Viper (USA)

Viper 5704v

Detailed Characteristics

Level of sound pressure of a siren: 120 Db (on distance 1)
Action radius in a notification mode: 1600 m
Action radius in control mode: 1600 m
Steering of several independent security systems
Steering of a drive gear of garage gate

Technical characteristics Tomahawk TW-9020:

* Antigrabber
* the Antiscanner
* the Feedback
* Protection of doors, a cowl, a luggage compartment and the ignition system
* Blocking of the engine of the car
* Programmed blocking of the engine of the car
* Additional blocking of the engine of the car
* Additional programmed blocking of the engine of the car
* Built-in Immobilizer
* Individual PIN a signalling code
* Emergency statement of the autosignalling on protection
* Emergency removal of the autosignalling from protection
* Silent removal of the autosignalling from protection
* Automatic statement of the autosignalling in a protection mode
* Automatic restatement of the signalling in a protection mode
* the Mode of protection of the car with the started engine
* Two-step-by-step disconnect of a mode of protection by the autosignalling
* the “Postponed” protection
* the Two-level gauge of blow of the autosignalling
* Possibility of connection of the additional gauge of the autosignalling
* the central lock Built in the signalling

Characteristics Mongoose BASE 50:

Input of a code by means of the ignition key;
The antiscanner;
Programming of charms;
Emergency disconnect by a PIN-code;
Multipurpose light-emitting diode;
Memory of a status;
Silent statement/removal from protection;
2 step-by-step removal from protection;
Panic mode;
Automatic restatement;
Lock-up/unlocking of doors at ignition inclusion/deenergizing;
Remote control CZ at the engaged ignition;
The prevention of intrusion;

Car alarm system with two-sided communication with functions of a distant and automatic starting engine operation. In system the newest informational production engineering CRRD providing reliable protection against electronic breaking is applied. The system differs a considerable quantity of security,  service functions. This is probably on of the best car alarms available today.

2 side communication, 2 charms, the built in relay of TSZ/BLOCKING of the starter/gabarits, silent protection, switching-off of sensing transducers, steering of a distant starting engine operation.
Complete set of car alarm system Mongoose Digital 100:

Review of car alarm system Berkut S430

Standard functions
• Dynamic code Super KeeLoq II. • One/two-push-button steering of regimes of turning on/deenergizing of protection. • possibility of programming to four senders. • one four-press-button programmed sender with the built in interactive pager and display LED. • One three-press-button programmed sender. • button switch Valet. • Sound confirmation of regime Valet.

This secret button has for the last years rescued from stealing not one car. Possesses simple steering. After a starting engine operation it is necessary to push the secret button. If it not to push that buttom, the propeller will decay after a while.

Technical characteristics Tomahawk TW-4000

* Antigrabber-protection of the car alarm against code interception
* the Antiscanner-protection of the car security system from code selection
* Informing on a condition of the automobile signalling, confirmation of the engaged command.
* Protection of doors, a cowl, a luggage compartment and the ignition system
* Programmed blocking of the engine of the car